is passion born out of the love of technology, people and the outdoors.   Installation and maintenance of Camera Surveillance Systems has been performed by the owner/operator for more than 18 years. Previously, Mark Babiuk was co-owner of a Lloydminster Company where he expanded and supported the customer base to over 2400 clients.  That company branched out from offering only IT services to also include Video Surveillance Installation. After eight years, Mark ventured out on his own, providing business IT solutions in computer service, hardware, satellite/wireless internet installations and surveillance security systems. Three years into this new company brought on the decision to focus on a specific branch- – to bring his high quality camera systems and knowledge to cattle and farming operations.

Our product, service and quality will not be the cheapest systems you’ll find however it is our goal to provide you with systems that provide high quality video.  We aim to provide a service that produces mutual success, from top of industry support, installation, and satisfaction.