The high quality systems we sell and maintain have a reputation of long service and reliability.

  • Recorders and cameras come with an above industry standard warranty of two years.
  • Wireless panels that reach up to 15kms for coverage of remote buildings have a one year warranty.
  • Support equipment, such as UPS Battery backups and networking equipment is a one year warranty. The support equipment serves to protect the expensive camera equipment from voltage surges and provide system interconnectivity.
  • Installation warranty is for one year. Warranty does not include mileage or travel time.

Our focus is to ensure that the shareholder, farmer and rancher are able to remotely protect their investments, in livestock, equipment and inputs, with high quality equipment.

This equipment will provide safety, security, and flexibility to remotely access and assess the status of property under controlled security systems. Dependant on the system purchased, one will be able to have 360 degree visibility of surveillance. Providing you the flexibility to be there when you have to and go there when you want to.

This equipment will aid in providing additional time to maximize your operations. Imagine accessing your secure network from the comfort of your office (or wherever internet access is available) to oversee calving, weather conditions and equipment safety, intruders & vandalism, etc before you leave the house. Saving you travel time to operations and allowing the extra time to plan operations and advancement. Also the equipment provides comfort to loved ones by having the capability to monitor not only the items mentioned but staff, spouses and family.